Trust Chem and REACH

When Trust Chem Europe was founded on August 1st , 2008, priority #1 was to start the REACH registration process. From that moment on Trust Chem has been working in the frontline on registrations for their organic pigments. A team of experts have been fulltime involved and they reformulated all raw materials and intermediates to […]

Pigment Yellow 175 and Pigment Yellow 194

Trust Chem produces a wide variety of organic pigments ranging from a number of classical chemistries to high performance pigments. This newsitem Pigment Yellow 175 and Pigment Yellow 194. Pigment Yellow 175: TCY17502 TCY17502 is a clean, very greenish benzimidazolone yellow pigment with excellent fastness to light and weathering. TCY17502 is primarily used in the […]

Pigment Yellow 139 – Isoindoline Yellow pigment

Pigment Yellow 139 – TCY13904 is an Isoindoline Yellow pigment which is designed for the coloration of plastics. It provides a transparent red-shade yellow with excellent lightfastness, excellent resistance to migration, and low-warping in HDPE injection molding. It has excellent organic solvents/plasticizer and chemical resistance. There is no interaction with Zn-Stearate/ Mg-Stearate during polyolefin plastics […]

Trust Chem Europe is growing

We would like to announce that on Monday, May 8th, 2017 we are moving to our new office at the below address: Trust Chem Europe B.V. Bergpoortstraat 65 7411 CL Deventer The Netherlands Please kindly note that all other company details will remain the same (company registration number, email addresses, telephone/fax numbers etc). Henk Loonstra, […]

Pigment Red 177 – Aminoanthraquinone Pigment

Pigment Red 177 – TCR17701 and TCR17702 PR177 is an Aminoanthraquinone Pigment, displaying clean brilliant shades of red which are not obtainable with other organic pigments. PR177 is primarily used industrial paints, spin dyeing and in polyolefin and PVC coloration. As seen with DPP or other HPP pigments in the paint industry, PR177 exhibits great […]

Trust Chem launches four new pigments at the European Coatings Show 2017

Trust Chem will be exhibiting at the upcoming European Coatings Show in Nuremberg, Germany, which takes place from 4 – 6 April 2017. Trust Chem can be found in Hall 1 on stand number 620. Alongside its existing product range, Trust Chem will be launching four new products at the European Coatings Show 2017. “We […]