Announcement of Trust Chem’s new production site

Trust Chem has invested in the construction of a completely new production site, which will have annual output of 10,000 tons of AZO pigments and Dyes and 3,000 tons of dyestuff and pigment intermediates. 

This new production site will comply with all the strict environmental legislations of clean production and with the constantly changing and growing expectations of sustainability in the market.


With this new investment of about USD 50 million, Trust Chem confirms its commitment to the Organic Pigment market as a long term sustainable partner for our customers with a high quality value proposition.

On June 10, 2020, the foundation ceremony for the Trust Chem (Liaoning) Co., Ltd. Phase I project was held in Longqiwan Zone, Binhai New Area, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province.

The completion of the project in 2021 will be of great importance in supporting the Trust Chem Responsible Care Initiative. The expansion will also contribute to a solution for the growing worldwide demand for high-quality, high-grade dyes and pigments. Furthermore, this development will also locally increase employment prospects for hundreds of people, actively promoting economic prosperity and growth of the Longqiwan zone in the city of Jinzhou

The new Trust Chem facility will contain significant advancements in environmentally friendly production techniques that will stimulate a general improvement in “clean practices” within the pigment production industry. This will support our customers’ global efforts to promote their products to end-user markets for environmental improvements in line with Emerging Global Environmental Governance practices and sustainability.

In addition to Trust Chem’s environment commitment will be the planned Technical advancements emanating from the new site, as Trust Chem continue to strive to push the boundaries to be the chosen supplier of Organic Pigments worldwide.