Pigment Red 177 – Aminoanthraquinone Pigment

Pigment Red 177 – TCR17701 and TCR17702
PR177 is an Aminoanthraquinone Pigment, displaying clean brilliant shades of red which are not obtainable with other organic pigments. PR177 is primarily used industrial paints, spin dyeing and in polyolefin and PVC coloration.

As seen with DPP or other HPP pigments in the paint industry, PR177 exhibits great lightfastness and weatherfastness properties and can be used in automotive O.E.M. finishes and refinishes. However In metallic effect coatings PR177 is not weatherfast enough to meet higher standards. In an improperly formulates paint system, the pigment may react with aluminum or other reducing agents. PR177 is entirely fast to overcoating for oven drying systems.
PR177 is also suitable for powder coating.

PR177 shows excellent heat stability in plastics. 1/3 SD HDPE is fast to up to 300°C and the pigment does not affect shrinkage. PR177 is suitable for spin dyeing polypropylene, polyacrylonitrile, and polyamide. PR177 is not entirely fast to bleeding in plasticized PVC. Good transparency makes PR177 also suitable for transparent films. The printing ink industry uses PR177 primarily to print security inks, especially bank notes. PR177 is also used for the color filters of liquid crystal displays.

TCR17701- High transparent. Primarily used in plastics, industrial paints and inks.

TCR17702- Semi-transparent. Slightly more yellowish than TCR17701. Primarily used in O.E.M. finishes and refinishes, industrial paints and plastics.