Pigment Red 202 for plastic fiber grade

We are pleased to announce that we have added Pigment Red 202 for plastic fiber grade to our range.

Pigment Red 202: TCR20205 is a very lightfast and weather fast quinacridone red pigment, which provides more bluish and significantly duller shades of color than P.R.122.

TCR20205 is a quinacridone P.R.202 specially designed for plastics applications. It exhibits excellent dispersion behavior and is provided with a built-in filter value specification. This semi-transparent blue shade red offers excellent light and weather fastness as well as first class resistance to organic solvents, plasticizers and chemicals.

TCR20205 is a low warping pigment for HDPE injection molding and exhibits excellent heat resistance in polyolefins and PVC, as well as in shade concentrations.
TCR20205 is suitable for most engineering polymers and is especially recommended for fiber applications in PP, PA6 and polyester systems.

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