Trust Chem; also a partner of choice for digital printing

Digital Printing
Digital Printing is a printing technology which uses the prepress system to transmit graphic information to a digital printer directly via a network.

With the popularization and development of the Internet, one of the mainstream users of traditional printing methods, namely newspapers, has experienced a significant decline since 2011. For such users, digital printing offers the advantages of print on demand and plateless printing, as well as a seamless connection with the Internet. After achieving a breakthrough in several key aspects such as product quality, printing format, printing speed and printing medium, the market space for digital printing is expanding rapidly and its market share keeps growing. The future of digital printing looks promising.

Trust Chem and digital printing
The current digital printing market is mainly noticeable in toner, inkjet and color filter applications. Trust Chem is the organic pigment solution partner of choice for digital printing customers and has developed organic pigment varieties for compatible application by various digital ink production enterprises.

Below we have listed a number of pigments which are available for digital printing from Trust Chem.
These products share the characteristics of uniform crystal distribution, small particle size, easy dispersion, good resistance, and meet the requirements of various laws and regulations. They have been widely used in various digital printing sectors.

Pigment Yellow:
PY74 – TCY07403W;
PY155 – TCY15501W;
PY180 – TCY18002IJ;
PY185 – TCY18501NS.

Pigment Red:
PR57:1 – TCR57102N;
PR122 – TCR12203IJ;
PR122 – TCR12204;
PR146 – TCR14601;
PR202 – TCR20201;
PR254 – TCR25403.

Pigment Blue:
PB15:3 – TCB15303TP;
PB15:4 –TCB15402.

Pigment Green:
PG7 – TCG00710.

Pigment Violet:
PV19 – TCV01903

Pigment Orange:
PO64 – TCO06401;
PO43 – TCO04301.