Trust Chem continued growth

Strengthening organic pigment range.

Trust Chem has taken several positive strategic steps to strengthen its range of organic pigments, to combat, among other things, the effect of potentially increased trade barriers between the US and China and coupled with the environmental pressures impacting on base raw material availability and subsequent cost increases as the supply demand equation.

The process is still in infancy stages but already we are pleased to announce that we have significantly strengthened our Phthalocyanine Blue and Green pigments.

Trust Chem now has a complete range of Blue and Green Pigments for all main application sectors. Manufactured in India by our selected partners these pigments are made under the control of our central laboratory in Hangzhou. Every batch is specifically measured against quality standards set by Trust Chem.

The installation of Trust Chem India will further support this new positive initiative as Trust Chem strive to maintain a complete Organic Pigment service to our customers.

Trust Chem Phthalo
The Phthalo’s of Trust Chem are available for all technical formulators considering Coatings, Inks, Plastics and Specialty sectors. Shortly anticipated for plastics will be the FG series.

Phthalocyanine Blue


Phthalocyanine Green