Trust Chem launches four new pigments at the European Coatings Show 2017

Trust Chem will be exhibiting at the upcoming European Coatings Show in Nuremberg, Germany, which takes place from 4 – 6 April 2017. Trust Chem can be found in Hall 1 on stand number 620.

Alongside its existing product range, Trust Chem will be launching four new products at the European Coatings Show 2017. “We are proud to have developed and begun manufacturing four new pigments, which all exhibit distinctive properties” comment Henk Loonstra, director of Trust Chem Europe B.V. Read on for further details in this newsletter.

Pigment Red 202, TCR20203 and TCR20204
Both TCR20203 and TCR20204 are mixed phase Quinacridone pigments with excellent lightfastness and weather fastness.

TCR20203- Similar in color to PR122. This product is designed for the coloration of decorative paints as well as plastics. It offers great style options when used in combination with effect pigments. This product also has excellent heat stability and low-warping, for use in plastics such as HDPE injection molding.

TCR20204- this product is more blue shade and is considerably duller when compared to PR122. Metallic finishes made from TCR20204 exhibit more apparent flop than grades of PR122. TCR20204 has similar properties to PR122 making it suitable for the pigmentation of high grade industrial finishes, including automobile O.E.M. and refinishes, weatherfast emulsions paints such as house paints and powder coatings.

Pigment Red 207 – TCR20701
TCR20701 is a mixed phase pigment made from unsubstituted and 4,11-substituted dichloroquinacridone.
This pigment affords a yellowish red shade, which is very yellowish compared to other nonoxidized quinacridone pigments. And TCR20701 is very opaque and demonstrates excellent weather fastness. This is also true for other aspects of pigment performance, including resistance to organic solvents, fastness to overcoating, tendency to flocculate, and properties and fastnesses. TCR20701 is used primarily in automotive finishes but is also utilized as a colorant for plastics and artists’ colors.