• Automotive grade
  • Excellent fastness
  • Green shade
  • opaque
  • Tinting systems

TCY15402 is an opaque green shade benzimidazolone pigment yellow 154 with outstanding fastness to light and weather, high heat stability, very good flow properties, good rheological characteristics and a very good resistance to the major organic solvents. In paints, it is one of the most weather fast organic yellow pigments. TCY15402 is widely used in automotive coatings (O.E.M.), car refinishes, architectural paints, color tinting systems and in industrial coatings.

TCY15402 is compliant with the relevant purity requirements of EU Directive 94/62/EC, U.S. CONEG Toxics in Packaging Legislation and EU Directive 2011/65/EC (RoHS).