• Glycol stable
  • Green shade
  • High opaque
  • Tinting systems

TCY07402O is a highly opaque and green shade monoazo pigment yellow 74 with very good glycol stability. Although it is a green shade, TCY07402O is a bit more reddish than TCY07402G. TCY07402O is suitable for deco paints, deco colorants, and for water based and solvent based systems. TCY07402O has a good tinting strength and is very stable to recrystallization. TCY07402O has a good light fastness and weather stability. TCY07402O offers excellent value for architectural coatings with an ideal balance of light fastness, opacity, versatility and strength. TCY07402O has become the market standard for color tinting systems.

TCY07402O is compliant with the relevant purity requirements of EU Directive 94/62/EC, U.S. CONEG Toxics in Packaging Legislation and EU Directive 2011/65/EC (RoHS).