Within our industry companies are responsible for providing information on chemicals, and the risks and safe use of chemical substances that are manufactured or imported in the EU. Under the REACH regulation companies register this information. REACH stimulates the development of safer chemicals and restricts the use of most of the hazardous chemicals.

When REACH is fully in force, it will require all companies manufacturing or importing chemical substances into the European Union in quantities of one ton or more annually to register these substances within the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Supply of substances to the European market which have not been registered is illegal. This is known in REACH as “no data, no market”.
The final registration (> 1T per year) needs to be completed before June 1st , 2018. In other words this deadline is approaching fast and definitely needs to be considered when starting new development projects.

Trust Chem and REACH

When Trust Chem Europe was founded on August 1st , 2008, priority #1 was to start the REACH registration process. From that moment on Trust Chem has been working in the frontline on registrations for their organic pigments. A team of experts have been fulltime involved and they reformulated all raw materials and intermediates to REACH (EINECS) compliant types.

So far 77 organic pigments have been fully registered representing approximately 265 different Trust Chem products. Over 200 substances have been pre-registered, representing about 71 pigments, and the goal is to fully register the entire Trust Chem product range.

The advantages for our customers:

  • No need to reformulate with the 2018 deadline coming near.
  • Saving valuable lab time.
  • Trust Chem as your reliable partner for security of supply.
  • Avoiding risk ofurities
  • Commitment to all aspects of safety through the supply chain

Together with Trust Chem into the future

Our customers can rely on Trust Chem as the secure and reliable long term supplier and business partner.
Not just because of the fact that our REACH policy is clear, transparent and secured for the long term , but also because of our broad range of products with the highest possible quality standard.