Trust Chem is the largest independent producer of organic pigments in Asia. As the specialist for dry powder organic pigments, we are renowned for our consistently high product quality, stringent quality control and excellent knowledge of organic synthesis. Trust Chem produces a wide range of classic pigments as well as high performance pigments (HPP) enabling our customers to produce a wide variety of colors.


We have substantial expertise in color chemistry across all segments, including:

  • Automotive Coatings (OEM and Refinish)
  • Decorative Coatings (incl. color paste)
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Powder Coatings
  • Coil Coatings
  • Artist Paints
  • Plastics & Master Batches
  • Inks
  • Ink jet
  • Textiles
  • Pesticides
  • Specialty Applications


The European subsidiary of Trust Chem Co. Ltd is Trust Chem Europe B.V. which has its own warehousing facilities in Venlo (NL). By now well-established on the European market, Trust Chem Europe B.V. is growing year on year thanks to its focus on customer service, the reliable high quality of its products, full REACH compliance, local European technical support, as well as excellent logistics.