Company Profile

Trust Chem has been dedicating expertise to the R&D and manufacture of Organic Pigments. We adhere to the principle of sustainable development in R&D, Marketing and Logistics, etc. International Safety, Quality and Environmental standards are comprehensively adhered to within our manufacturing sites. Our robust and comprehensive QC protocol covers every production batch, We include provision for the third-party testing on a regular basis with external laboratories and organizations for HSE testing for regulatory compliance. REACH Registration is complicit with Global requirements.

Trust Chem is committed to supplying the optimum Value Proposition to our worldwide customers; Continuous Improvements and investments are made within our business ensuring the sustainability of our brand and supply chain. We have established a long-term cooperative partnerships with several universities and scientific research institutions to enhance our innovative value for our customers.

With headquarters in Hangzhou China and our International presence in Europe, USA, Australia, Türkiye, Canada, India and the UK, and a representative office in South Africa, we are constantly expanding to be closer to our customers. 

R&D Center
As one of the world’s leading colorant synthesis laboratories and colorant R&D and application experiment centers, Trust Chem has implemented comprehensive state of the art evaluation systems for the applications of Pigment & Dyes in the sectors of Inks, Coatings and Plastics, etc. In addition to the standard testing methods. Our lab is also equipped to adapt to customer and customized methodologies.
Global Structure
Mission, Vision & Value
Create a global brand and add Color to the world
We are committed to be your trusted partner of colorants
Integrity, Harmony, Humanism, Innovation